Monthly Archives: March 2014

These two products are both very similar dog water fountains. They both combine the motor limitations of a dog with the outdoor hose but in different ways so that the dog is able to take a drink.


This is a dog treadmill.  It is creative because it combines the treadmill with dog proportions and usability.


This is a quite creepy Halloween costume. It is creative because it combines the camera and tablet with the Halloween costume giving the illusion that the wearer has a hole blown through him.


These are light-up stepping stones. They are creative because they combine the pathway lights with the pathway itself so that there would be less space taken up.



4 days! (might be a record!) But Jay managed to tear through the bed last night. On the next iteration, I will try to find a much tougher material to make it out of, something along the lines of what trampolines are made of.


The idea in this design of the final project was to make a sleeve to cover the existing mat in the bottom of the crate. I added padding as well. The idea is that if the sleeve was tight enough, he wouldn’t be able to get his teeth around it and because it was around the existing mat, it would take up the entire space of the crate and he wouldn’t be able to move it around or get his mouth on the edge of it. Also, I made it removable so that if it were to get messy, I could easily take it off and clean it in the clothes washer. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I think he likes it!