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If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. -Henry Ford


What are the barriers for creativity? Time, education system, culture, money & resources, technology limits, personalities, preferences, lack of sleep, guidelines & constraints (too much or too little), fear.

What is your source for creativity? Retail stores, Pinterest, garage sales, garages/barns/storage areas, retail websites, HGTV, anything seen, social interactions, problems, life experiences, music, nature.

Dimensions of Creativity: Novel combinations of old ideas.

Creative Product: useful and novel and unexpected

Innovation: novel or can be extra useful (?)


Standard Process: 1. Problem definition. 2. Market Research. 3. concept generalization 4. product development 5. prototyping

What are expectations from this class? Learn how to break out of a creative mind-block when I’m finding it hard to come up with new ideas; gain new perspective.

Can creativity be taught? Yes, but like a foreign language, it is easier to learn from a younger age.

Are you creative? Could be more but could be less.

Why/why not? I get good, creative ideas but I tend to just get stuck on one idea and have trouble coming up with more.

What is creativity? Creativity is the idea of making (creating) something novel out of existing or new ideas; remote connections: making connections between unrelated items.

Original container for 6 beer bottles: Image


I wanted to create something that would use the least amount of space so I thought using old toilet paper rolls would work but they were too small:Image

I made a plan to use a long piece of cardboard and wrap them around the each of the six bottles, I used corrugated cardboard for both its strength and for its insulation properties:Image

I added a bottom which only covers about half of each of the spots for the bottles in order to conserve cardboard:Image

And wrapped the top of the handle to make it more comfortable: Image

And made sure it held the weight of the bottles:Image


The back of this sofa is able to change between the back and also a kicking bag. This is creative because it combines a sofa and a kicking bag in a useful and novel way.

This extention cord is flat and sticks to the ground or wall in order to keep the cord out of the way, making it both safer and more visually attractive than traditional extension cords. This is creative because it makes an extension cord less of an in-the-way inconvenience.

This is a baby bottle that is self-heating, making it convenient for on-the-go uses. This is creative because it combines a baby bottle and a portable warming device into one.