Monthly Archives: January 2014

Airless Tires

These airless tires are made so that they cannot go flat. This is creative because it solve the problem of flat tires in an unconventional way but would be even more impressive if they were made for autos instead of just bicycles.


Side-Sleeper Pillow

This pillow is for side sleepers so that their arms and necks don’t get tired and sore from being bent at an awkward angle all night as the user sleeps. This is creative because the user can have a more restful night’s sleep and it defies the rules of conventional pillow design.

Smart Bathtub

This Smart Bathtub is able to alert the user via their phone about the temperature of the water and is also able to maintain the temperature of the water so that the user does not end up in cold water (unless he or she wants to). This is creative because the issue of cold water is a big inconvenience to many people and very few tubs are able to maintain the temperature of the water exactly.


The iFetch Ball Launcher is made so that dogs can throw the balls for themselves so that their owners can have a break. This is creative because it offers a solution to the problem of a dog needing more human attention than their owner can give them and it takes the ideas of a ball launcher for a sport such a baseball and combines it with a dog toy.

LG G Flex

This phone comes with a self-healing cover that repairs itself when it gets minor damage such as being dropped or scratched. Also, it has a curved design that is previously unseen in touch-screen phones that makes for easier use. It combines the curve of older phones with the technology of new devices.